Humankind: a hopeful history

Humankind: a hopeful history – Are you observing the disturbing evolutions from the left, the right, the bottom and the top in our globalised world? You are not alone. Are you waking up, or are you still consuming the daily “news” spread by the 1% telling you the world is a bad place?

It’s not. The vast majority of people are good and know what’s good for society. Stop feeding the fear, read books like “Humankind: a hopeful history“, and look around you.

Why don’t they speak up?

But why doesn’t the vast majority speak up and allow bad leaders to keep doing what they are doing? It happens on a global scale but also in everyday organisations.

Because they are afraid it’s “bad for business”. Because they are afraid of the leaders who try to censor and label and punish them. Because they are afraid that people will call them crazy, stupid, or selfish and kick them out of their tribe. Because they are afraid, they are part of a minority. Because they are afraid they are part of the problem, and they have to grow themselves, and that’s scary and will take much energy.

Stop the cycle of fear

Living in fear triggers fight or flight, not rationality. Stop the fear cycle. Use your brain to think and connect. I was blessed to have many great leaders in my life, but I was in some of those bad places above in the very early days of the pandemic:

  • Yes, I froze during the first 6-8 weeks and was afraid that speaking up was bad for business. It was in the short run but not in the long run. Instead, I transformed my anger and went all in, risking losing everything. What did I lose? My old life and a lot of money. What did I win? Life 3.0.
  •  No, I wasn’t afraid that people would call me crazy and stupid and selfish – and they did – as it said more about them. Because I’m none of those.
  •  No, I was never afraid to be part of a fringe minority, as I was taught from a very early age not to follow the herd, listen to my gut and use my brain to step back and reflect without emotions. Your brain is an amazing sender-receiver.
  •  Yes, I knew the transformation would be turbulent and require a lot of energy. I warned the people I love since day one. Turns out it was worth the effort, and there is always time to start the growth journey yourself. You are not a loser if you still have to start. I’m your biggest supporter.

It’s a leadership crisis

We are in a massive leadership crisis, but by living here in the super-diverse UAE society, experiencing a new way of leadership and looking at the world from a distance, I’ve learned there’s always hope.

Start your very own reset. Every day is day one. Yes, it’s hard, but hardship strengthens us. Be thankful for what happened. Be optimistic. Wake up, be boldsay sorry, be a new leader, own it, heal, be kind, connect, grow thyself, listen to dissonant voices, learn, be curious, be free, fail and rebound, be a broker of trust, speak up, be super clear, have respect, keep a journal, and be accountable. Forgive or abolish the fearmongers, and don’t make the same mistakes they did.

Your great awakening

Yesterday, The Great Awakening was released. As always, you don’t need to agree with everything, but it’s a great metaphor. Make up your own mind and be part of the 15% of the people who changed history of your organisation or society for the better. Join the people who created new connections, a new context and re-humanised humankind.

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