25 years Hercules Trophy

In 1999, we organised the first Hercules Trophy in Belgium. I can’t wait to celebrate our 25 years jubilee in 2024.

For the first time in three years, I feel like it’s time to stop living in survival mode to rediscover my old positive, forward-looking self again. This crisis nearly killed me, but once again, it made me stronger. I changed the context by moving to Dubai and took a step back from the madness. I’m happy I went through the process.

In June, thousands of fans gave me the energy to surf the next waves. It felt like a turning point. I’m ready to support the core team to celebrate our Herculean legacy in 2024.

Our 15 and 20 years celebrations were memorable, but this time we’re talking a lot of extra steroids to commemorate a quarter of a century.

I hope to see you all there! Register your teams today at 25% discount.

“If you can laugh together, you can work together!” #teambuilding #corporatechallenge #b2b #festival #employeeengagement

According to ChatGPT, 25 years is a great milestone, and as a founder, I should focus on several aspects.

Reflect on my journey

“Take some time to reflect on the past 25 years Hercules Trophy, the milestones, challenges, and successes you’ve experienced.”

The past 3 years started with a global leadership crisis, and last June confirmed once again that we have built a robust and unique experience, with the community, for the community. We are more relevant than ever, as employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges that companies are facing right now. We have a unique solution.

Organize a special event with entertainment

“Plan a gathering or event to celebrate with your employees, clients, business partners, and other stakeholders.”

Hahaha, check; we ARE an event where we celebrate with all our stakeholders.

Invite key people and notable individuals

“Reach out to important individuals who have contributed to your business’s success over the years, such as long-standing clients, dedicated employees, and supportive partners.”

A flock of thousands of people are vital to our success. Our core team, crew, fans and partners, regardless of age, athletic skills or culture. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by a fantastic community.

Share success stories

“Highlight significant accomplishments, memorable moments, timeline, stories and the impact your business has had on customers and employees. Encourage others to share their experiences as well.”

On it. Plenty of content incoming in the next year.

Collaborate with other businesses

“If you have strong partnerships or relationships with other businesses or organizations, consider collaborating on the celebration. “

Telenet Business, Greenyard, Coca Cola, Compass Group, Carlsberg, Goodyear, Securitas, Lindemans, Fulfill and so many others, let’s do this!

Launch a 25 years Hercules Trophy promotion

“Use your 25th anniversary celebration as an opportunity to launch a special campaign or promotion.”

Done: book your teams until the end of August at a 25% discount to celebrate 25 years of connection with us!

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