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Why The Annual Performance Review Is Going Extinct

Employees don’t need annual performance reviews to know how they stack up against their peers says Kris Duggan on FC.com. I couldn’t agree more. At Herculean, we believe in three simple things when it comes to building breakthrough teams. They are based on … Continue reading

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Employer Branding is the new black

Improving your Employer Branding is one of the key benefits of Hercules Trophy. Hercules Trophy is not just another teambuilding. It’s an inter-company team competition. Emotional connection, the first crucial phase to start building a team is only one of … Continue reading

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Individual sport vs team sport

Marathons, 20 miles, 10 miles, 1 mile,  Ekiden, mountainbike races, climbing mountains on a bicycle, triathlons, golfevents… I just love it when people participate in sporty challenges for individuals!!! Going to sportevents, cheering for your teams, inviting customers in business … Continue reading

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Focus: Be great, Be Powerful Beyond Measure

“Dream, focus on the process of realising that dream, have an awesome team, build outstanding networks”. That’s my daily mantra. I was lucky to be able to make a business out of this mantra through Hercules Trophy. People dream about … Continue reading

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You digg the new presentation?

Our guys made this new presentation on the Hercules Trophy. It looks a lot sexier than the previous one, don’t you think? Hope you like it. I know I do. Thanks Erik and Inge!

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