Focus: Be great, Be Powerful Beyond Measure

“Dream, focus on the process of realising that dream, have an awesome team, build outstanding networks”. That’s my daily mantra. I was lucky to be able to make a business out of this mantra through Hercules Trophy. People dream about winning a trophy, focus on 12 different challenges, need an awesome team and great networks during the day to succeed.

Focus is easier said than done. I see many people struggle in that area. Never before were people confronted with so much communication, information, priorities and opportunities. It’s pure chaos out there if you’re not careful.

Focus!Devoured the book of Leo Babauta and I think it contains good tips to learn how to really focus. His main statements are:

1. Less is more: for many people in this hyper consumption society this is a huge hurdle. Do you really need all that stuff? Let’s hope that the new trend of collaborative consumption and co-creation will change the mindset of many of us. You need to understand what’s essential and have to lose all the rest. This requires a lot of courage if you are used to “more is better”. A lot!

2. The art of restriction: people believe that when they have everything they will be happy. In fact, when they have everything they will have a natural tendency to destroy that (ex Tiger Woods and many others). Restriction is a good thing. People become happy when they can look forward to something they can’t have yet, when they have boundaries, when they are restricted.

3.Get back to the essence and simplify: that’s another tough one. Questions that might help you: What are my values? What are my goals? What do I really love? What’s important to me? What has the biggest happiness-effect on me? What works best in the long run? Is something a need or a want? Re-ask the questions continuously. When you decide on what’s essential you can start simplifying by eliminating what’s not essential. Do it!

4. Simple focus: only spend time on the essence and become more effective. Focus on the process, always look at the positive side, concentrate, bundle your energy, do singletasking, live in the here and now, you won’t fail, really, keep practising!

5. Start new habits: by doing that, you’ll make sure that your new insights actually become part of your life. You’ll be amazed how fast you can change. Talk about your new habits to people, be inspired by others, find soulmates, report on progress, celebrate the fact that you actually learned a new habit, be proud and inspire others!

6. Start small: especially for the first new habits. Achieving small goals is easier, more sustainable, you’ll feel good about yourself. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll become easier to learn new habits faster and become the person you actually are.

These principles can be applied on anything: losing weight, doing more sports, a huge project, a new venture, eating healthy, improving the relationship with kids/partner/family,…

When I look back, I went through all these steps when I had my eye-opening experience back in 2009. It was a confronting period that I’ll never forget. It’s about PAIN!

Motivation is crucial in this whole process. I’m convinced that achievable goals will be achieved as long as you keep on motivating yourself. Focus and have patience. Many personal experiences can back these statements.

There will be many many many moments where you want to give up. Don’t ever ever ever do that. If you really want something (= essence) it’ shouldn’t be too hard to motivate yourself day after day after day. Setback after setback. Mister Babauta gives some great tips at the end of his book to keep on motivating yourself. As always: read the book to know more.

The whole process in fact feels a lot like this video:

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