Olympic altitude week

Had an Olympic week in Munich, Garmisch Partenkirchen and Seefeld (and don’t forgot our visits to Legoland and BMW World).

Our goals, as we are an extremely focussed family:

  • Investigate the start up of Hercules Trophy in Germany
  • Have fun with the kids and celebrate the successes of the past months
  • Read 10 million books
  • Reflect on past and future


You’ll soon hear more about Hercules Trophy in Germany. It’s a bit too soon to go public about it, but Inge and myself are excited.

Legoland in Günzburg: marvelous! THEY HAVE STAR WARS….iiiiiiiiiiiii. Loved the healthy food. Plopsaland, go and have a look and dump all the junk food please.

BMW World: as I’m not a car freak and I love my Toyota that never fails, I must believe my 6 year old son and a very jealous brother in law: awesome! The architecture of the BMW World building is just epic!

Our little side trip to Austria, going through Garmisch was inspiring to say the least. The Olympiaschanze in Garmisch was mindblowing. Convinced the kids I would dare going down…Problem is they never forget such a bold statement.

Seefeld is preparing for the first Winter Youth Olympics next January. Well, the host city is Innsbruck but some disciplines will be organized in Seefeld. It’s a paradise for Nordic Walking, Ski Jump, Mountainbike, Biathlon etc. As they don’t have a lot of black slopes, I personally wouldn’t call it a ski heaven but great to go on ski holiday with the family. The general sport accommodations are enormous for such a small mountain town. A must see!

Swallowed The Carrot Principle, The 4-hour workweek, Blue Monday. Liked them all. Especially The Carrot Principle. As always I’m not going to do a book review. Read if for yourself if you want to know the 4 basic skills of great leaders, the importance of employee satisfaction and employee involvement, the difference between altruistic leaders and “the others” and last but not least: the power of recognition. All based on scientific studies. Loved it!

As always our mind didn’t stop working. We celebrated successes of the past 6 months, talked briefly about the most important failures and came up with tons of new ideas we’ll roll-out in the next 6 months. Watch this space because we have even more energy than ever!!!

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