Welcome Paul

Hercules Trophy is all about amazing teams and emotional resonance right? Well we have an awesome team ourselves. We eat our own dogfood. Not only within Hercules Trophy International, but in every country where we are active. We pick our partners based on the people. Make no mistake: it’s not the technology, it’s the people who make the difference!

A new mate joined our team recently. Paul Cordier will take the role of VP Marketing at Hercules Trophy International.

Always a challenge to integrate a new kid on the block in a strong team. As I always look for diversity, it’s even more of a challenge. As we all work like modern nomads who don’t see each other every day, who work with applications in the cloud and who all like to do “their thing”, it’s even more of a challenge.

It’s not the first time I integrate great talent in a team you know, but it’s always different. What should my role as a leader be in the integration-process? HealthStream Research interviewed 200.000 people on leadership. There are 4 basic characteristics a leader should have:

  • Set goals
  • Open communication
  • Trust
  • Responsibility

A great leader adds “recognition” to the ingredients. Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton explain in The Carrot Principle why recognition is the missing link and why recognition creates engaged people and “acceleration” of performance. Just like in a chemical process. Charles Goodyear used heat as an accelerator.

Well that’s what I need right now: ACCELERATION! The Hercules Trophy is shifting to 4th gear in 2012. South-Africa, Singapore, Dubai, The Netherlands, Belgium, New York (and maybe Germany and Spain)…who would have thought 3 years ago? (Inge and me :-)) We’ll need awesome people to realise the dream. I’m convinced we have them.

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