What if Money didn’t matter

I’m in Australia on an economic mission with HRH Prince Philippe of Belgium (too bad our Belgian media doesn’t know how to bring the good news about this mission and the work of our Prince to the people in Belgium, but I guess they still think it’s cool to bash on royals).

Anyway, looks like all the parameters are green to hit the Australian market with Hercules Trophy. I’ve never seen a country where sport and outdoor culture play such an important role in people’s lives and where corporates really understand the importance of our concept.

So now we are almost 4 years after our initial decision to take Hercules Trophy global. 4 years after Inge and myself asked the question: what if money didn’t matter? We’re now active on 4 continents, but there so much more growth to come. My next stop tomorrow is New York. We’ve got some very ambitious plans there. Watch this space.

And still we get weird looks when we explain what we do, but that’s mainly by Belgians on an economic mission Smile Happy some of them understood the business value of Hercules Trophy and want to join the 10.000 fans in Belgium next year.

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