“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” – Pablo Picasso

Picasso was completely right. You’d better get used to it. Most people avoid the “danger-zone” and look for an imaginary “comfort-zone”. Comfort zones don’t exist, so get over that totally insane idea!

What are imaginary comfort zones for many people:

  • Owning a house: euhm I’ve got news for you, you don’t own a house unless all your debts are paid to the bank. The bank owns it until then and you get the right to live in it. If you can’t afford it anymore, they will kick you out and sell it without even blinking.
  • Having a job: euhm…there is no such thing as lifetime jobs anymore. So don’t panic when you lose that overpaid job when you are 55 and don’t complain that you are still doing that same lousy job and you always wanted to run your own shop. You knew chances were high this was going to happen and you didn’t do anything about it. Don’t complain and don’t blame the others. Move on!
  • Having a guaranteed pension: euhm…listen to the news more often
  • Being healthy: euhm…will all get sick you know
  • Having money on the bank: euhm…hope the recession showed us the relativity of having money
  • No natural disaster will ever happen: euhm…noticed that the earth is reacting rather drastically right now
  • Having kids: euhm…you don’t own them, they have their own life and they are only vaguely influenced by their parents. A lot of other people will influence them.
  • Having real friends: euhm…do yourself a favour and count them. You’ll only need one hand.

Humans have a tendency to create a fake image of comfort in their brains. They tend to react emotionally (and with anger) on everything that might jeopardize that fake feeling. Weird no? If you don’t change your beliefs, your life will be like this for ever! (R.Anthony) Destroy those thoughts. Only then you can move on to the next level.

If your company is stuffed with people in their comfort zone: get ready for some serious problems!

It’s a jungle out there. The world is changing faster and faster. Live the moment! Find your tribe! Be a warrior! Be a hero! Have a Herculean Day!

Note to @self: must read Chögyam Trungpa

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