Past, Present, and Future

I’m obsessed with “energy”, “time”, “waves”, and the effect on “connections” within “tribes”. Everything Exists at Once: past, present and future.

Emotional resonance

Twenty years ago, I wrote a small paper from the heart about “emotional resonance”. That is happening at every Hercules Trophy event.

I struggled to explain that you can only experience those vibes when you participate in the event, and you can’t understand it when you aren’t there.

My theory was that we bring all these people together with a clear intention on one day, applying small oscillating forces(planning, games, fun) to get them in their resonance frequency, reaching a higher amplitude due to the storage of vibrational energy. The ratio of the amplitude of the output’s steady-state oscillations to the input’s oscillations is called the gain.

Simplified: if you bring the right people together in the proper context at the right time and apply small repeating forces, you will increase the “energy” of the people and the whole system. Yes, you can use that within your organisation.

Resonant frequency of the body and the mind

Some people associate the picture above with spirituality, but it’s pure physics. Every organ in our body has a specific frequency. Our mind impacts our organs through the nervous system and vice versa. And our mind is a sender-receiver of brainwaves.

FOR EXAMPLE, the EEG (electroencephalograph) measures brainwaves of different frequencies within the brain. Electrodes are placed on specific sites on the scalp to detect and record the electrical impulses within the brain. A frequency is the number of times a wave repeats itself within a second. It can be compared to the frequencies you tune into on your radio. Our mental performance can suffer if any of these frequencies are deficient, excessive, or difficult to access. The raw EEG has usually been described in terms of frequency bands: Gamma greater than 30(Hz) BETA (13-30Hz), ALPHA (8-12 Hz), THETA (4-8 Hz), and DELTA(less than 4 Hz).

Another example is that our brain uses 13Hz (high alpha or low beta) for “active” intelligence. Often, we find individuals who exhibit learning disabilities and attention problems with a deficiency of 13Hz activity in specific brain regions, affecting the ability to perform sequencing tasks and math calculations efficiently.

The same goes for organs. Amongst others, their frequency is influenced by food but also by the nervous system and, thus, the brain and vice versa. An imbalance in your organs leads to an imbalance in the brain and vice versa. Pressure on your liver will lead to anger and frustration, your lungs have an impact on sadness and depression, if you are scared all the time, it will affect your kidneys, etc. You can “listen” to your body and brain to heal yourself. Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, and anger/frustration will reduce.

The right time

That being said, I still struggle with the relativity and illusion of “time”. We all experienced many examples where resonance between yourself and someone else wasn’t achieved because that person was on a “different frequency” but also because it wasn’t “the right time yet”.

Many experts claim that time is an illusion created by our minds. This is the picture of the universe that emerged from Einstein’s theory of relativity. Unlike the universal clock imagined by Newton, relativity gives us time as a very individual experience. How events play out depends on the reference point of the individual. This is possible because of the relationship between space, time, and motion.

Relativity merges space and time into a single fourth-dimensional structure known as spacetime. We should think of time the same way we think of space; just as all of space exists outside of our world and any point within space can be described by coordinates, all of time exists as well and any events that have happened or will happen already exist, described by their own coordinates within the universe. In the same way, all coordinates in space are valid, and all coordinates (or events) in time are valid as well, meaning that there should be no such distinctions as “past”, “present,” or “future”. The universe and life within it is not an organic thing constantly changing and morphing. Instead, it’s like a video where the present moment is merely a frame within that video. And that video, had we access to it, would reveal every event to ever take place in our universe, from beginning to end. This cosmos is known as the “block universe”, a place where change isn’t real and there’s nothing special about the present moment. Considering this on a philosophical scale brings the idea of free will into question.

The idea of a universe in which all events exist simultaneously is both a grim and a comforting one: things and people we’ve lost aren’t gone, merely a little out of our reach. But it also means we might have less say in the future than we hope. Of the many things we can do with time, there is one which we haven’t yet managed: to understand it.

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