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If Belgium is a failed stated, the US would be Afghanistan

The former American Ambassador to Belgium made my weekend with a great interview. “The biggest risk in Belgium is cholesterol” and “It’s failed journalism, not failed state.” Hilarious that he was talking to a typical example of negative journalism. In … Continue reading

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Successful vs Unsuccessful people

Many people or even other companies believe that they will become successful by hitching their wagon to a successful company. That’s the worst nightmare of any company as I believe nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that success … Continue reading

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Speed as a habit

People who work with me on a daily basis know one of my firm believes: “the need for speed“. I can become quite “passionate” when things don’t go faster than I expected or when people don’t understand they can do … Continue reading

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Make Yourself Immune to Secondhand Stress

Great article by Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan in on how to deal with secondhand stress. Observing someone who is stressed — especially a coworker or family member — can have an immediate effect upon our own nervous systems. Here are some remedies to improve … Continue reading

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