I hate meetings

People who work with me know I HATE one thing with every cell of my body: MEETINGS. When I say this, typical “managers” will give me “the look”. Well you’re not going to win this battle, because I’ve experience for many years that meetings don’t get things done, and that’s what entrepreneurs do: getting things done.
meetingsDoes that mean I’m not a teamplayer or a bad communicator? Of course not! A meeting is just one form of communication (and everybody goes home with a different perception) and you really don’t build great teams by holding meetings. So if you do see me in a meeting it will probably have these characteristics

  • 90% transpiration, 10% inspiration: stop talking, start doing.
  • small groups (preferably one on one)
  • short, to the point, solving one thing at a time, work to a solution in the meeting (solutions can change 2 days later, but it’s better to make a decision with the information at hand than not to make any decision)
  • preferably not around a table, but during a 30min walk
  • avoid brainstorms, unless you have to brainstorm and if you have to brainstorm: do it outdoor to clear your mind. No great inventions were discovered in a meeting…Inspiration will hit you anytime, anyplace if you are focussed and not while holding a meeting.

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