What a year!

From a business perspective, 2013 was probably one of the toughest years ever for me personaly. I’m not going to elaborate on all the hurdles we took, but we did it and we came out even stronger! I thank the best team in the world and the Herculean fans for supporting me in reaching our goals.

I was pessimistic for 2013 – I’m optimistic for 2014. Our theme for this year: AMBITION!

We are all set for a massive year. The global dream is becoming a reality, the team is ready and focussed and our network of fans is increasing by the minute.

My dreams:

* I hope Belgium, Dubai and New York are set for fabulous editions
* I hope Hercules Trophy can start in one new region – why not Australia or the Baltics or Hong Kong?
* I hope Corporate Wellbeing will become a hot topic in the boardrooms and I’m convinced that the Hercules Academy comes with an offering that is unseen in the market.
* I hope we’ll have a great inspirational mission to Dubai with Belgian Executives


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