If Inge says so…

My wife, best friend and business partner gave me a compliment!!! Must put it on my blog! If you know she’s the biggest perfectionist on the planet, this really counts. She made my day by tweeting: “9 reasons why he’s a better leader than I am”.

Reason #1: He’s one of the most humble people I know.

Reason #2: He’s very open about his weaknesses and weirdness.

Reason #3: He strikes a great balance between being kind and being firm.

Reason #4: He encourages people’s craziness.

Reason #5: He’s a scary-good detector of untapped potential in people.

Reason #6: He exudes an infectious enthusiasm in the workplace.

Reason #7: He has a great understanding of the dynamics on his teams.

Reason #8: He admits he’s wrong.

Reason #9: He listens.

Big thank you to The Mojo Company for an inspiring blog post: http://themojocompany.com/2012/10/9-reasons-hes-a-better-leader-than-i-am/ If you want to read everything, just go there!

And don’t forget: COMPLIMENTS really work! When was the last time you gave one?

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