You are so vain

To all the big ego’s out there: you are sooooo 70’s. Carly Simon wrote “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you” in 1972.  That’s 40 years ago dudes! Drop the ego, it’s bad Karma.

Everyone, yes me too, has something within called an “ego”.  It’s a facade for something they absolutely don’t want you to know. A fear they have. A skill they lack. The illusion of ego is unfortunate because the entity behind it, the authentic you, holds all the cards to living a fulfilling, happy and successful life. If the ego is in charge you will be in a constant state of searching, comparing and desiring as opposed to being, accepting and doing. People who are ruled by ego, tend to do non authentic things to keep that ego alive. Politics, power play, aggression, manipulation, deception, propaganda, betrayal… you name it.

2012 is coming, the world is changing at the speed of light. I hope everyone experiences that by now. Time to take the good karma road again. The big ego’s are struggling. Trying to keep the old system alive. I think the good guys are winning, but times will get tougher in the years to come. We’re not there yet. People just don’t accept the big-ego-attitude anymore. Crazy bankers, lousy managers, go-getters, bad politicians, greedy shareholders, freaky reporters, aggressive neighbours, bad colleagues…you know the type. You see the similarities? They all share one primal emotion: FEAR!!! Their ego is a smokescreen. They don’t trust themselves (because they can’t be trusted) so why would they trust you? They think everyone thinks like them, and that’s where they make a huge mistake. They don’t see that times are changing and one day, all of a sudden, they will be outnumbered.

I’m happy to say I think I lost what was left of my ego in the beginning of 2009. When will you lose yours? The world would be a better place! A healthy dose of self-confidence shouldn’t be mistaken with ego by the way… Ego = bad, self-confidence = good.

For some reason, the big ego’s get extremely nervous when they are around me. And I mean extremely. Some try to intimidate me, but that never lasts very long Glimlach Smile Glimlach Stay authentic. Even if they try to attack you personally. In fact, just ignore them. Don’t look for compliments from them. Go for a walk in nature. Work in the garden to lose their bad karma. Their actions will come back in their face like a boomerang. One thing though: if they outnumber you, don’t waste your time, walk away and let them dig their own grave.

I learned one thing from my adorable wife: “Never argue with  a fool, because people might not see the difference.” Give it some practise and you’ll see your life becomes much easier. Maybe you’ll even inspire some people to lose the ego.

Have a Herculean Weekend!

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