All you need is love

A new year, a new era. Don’t look back, learn, stand up and move on. From Generation Me to Generation We (or is it wii?). I’m happy about this. Yes, we can.
Generation WE: The Movement Begins… from Generation We on Vimeo.

A lot of love in 2009:

  • The kids are doing great and love each other
  • My wife loves me
  • We’re meeting lots of lovely people in Belgium, Spain, South-Africa and hopefully Dubai and Brazil
  • Maybe we’ll launch some new, lovely, initiatives
  • Lots of hard work ahead of us, but I love that

To all the negativos out there: I can feel you from miles away. Change and don’t waste my precious time and energy. Don’t tell me what you don’t want, tell me what you want.

To the heart specialist of Bonheiden: you won’t see me again next year! 5 non-sportive years are enough. Maybe badminton?

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