Dream like a child

3 years ago, my brilliant wife-buddy-lover and myself decided to give our silly dream 3 years to grow. We found a few people who believed us, where 99,9999% told us we were fools.

2 months ago we bought a simple bottle of Cava and did the math.

Was it a tough? You have no idea! Was it rewarding? Without any doubt!  Did we sleep? Not really, but who needs sleep anyway? Did we have fun? Oh yes! Would we do it again? Without hesitation! Will we face new challenges? Of course not Glimlach

We have no ambition to stop now. On the contrary! We are even more convinced and ready for an amazing journey. We have a fabulous dream, a breakthrough team, a focussed plan, amazing partners and fans all over the world……..and the most inspiring kids on the planet who help us put things in perspective.

Dream like a child

and Belgium has a government after 540 days…so…

Afraid to start?

Good article on Angel Investment Network on how to overcome start-up fears.

People always think I have none. Probably because I had my share of start-up successes (but I also experienced my share of drawbacks guys). They should catch me sleepwalking or getting angry when things don’t go the way I thought they would! So, for the record: I have my fears and obstacles too dudes. But I’m very aware of them and I have my ways to deal with them rapidly. Ganesha is with me! 🙂

In the latest Happinez, there was another good article on conquering excuses. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer states the most typical excuses. Funny enough, only one of them sometimes applies to me:

  • No time
  • I’m too old
  • No energy
  • I would disappoint others
  • Hey, that’s me, I can’t change
  • I just can’t
  • Can’t afford it

Only the last one can keep me awake during startup. “Can I still feed my children next month?” Seriously! I found out that talking to the kids helps a lot. Since I raise three completely different ones, it’s interesting to see how they react with very simple reasoning:

  • “Can we now play our daily soccer worldcup match in the garden?”
  • “Lets go for ice cream. I’m buying.”
  • “Where’s mom?”

I guess the main reason I have almost no fears is because I follow my bliss as Joseph Campbell says. He was 25 when the Great Depression started. Imagine that! Maybe we can learn from him. Alan Cohen developed a 12-step method to find your bliss. Thanks for the tip Paulo Coelho!