“Herculean, that’s how I feel today”. It’s the slogan (including a cool logo) Inge and me invented a year ago and use all the time, next to our Mantra. It’s our slogan and it describes exactly what we want: to live a Herculean life together, every day of the year. In good times and bad. It’s a little bit like vows. Herculean is also the name of the cooperative entity we started together. It has become the Sportainment and Corporate Wellbeing Platform.

In the past years we have experienced we unintentially inspire people with the way we live our lifes. “How do you do it?”, “How do you keep your balance?”, “Do you have a happy relationship?”, “Do you see your kids often?”, “Don’t you miss your secure corporate life?”, “Aren’t you throwing away all your talents?”, “I want to live your life”, “You inspire me”… are just a few examples of questions and statements we hear all the time.

That’s why we decided to start writing an online book – together – and who knows with input from friends and fans. We’ll see where it goes. It will probably take years before we will be happy about the content.

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