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Your biggest challenge: building a great team

Another great quote on! According to Fastcompany, John Doerr is one of the most influential VC’s of his generation. The list of companies he invested in is pretty impressive. You can read an old (1997), but still very relevant … Continue reading

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Can You Learn Willpower?

A short interview by Laura Vanderkam on bnet with Roy F. Baumeister a prof of psychology on his new book: Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength. Interesting. Laura is the author of 168 hours: you have more time than you … Continue reading

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Individual sport vs team sport

Marathons, 20 miles, 10 miles, 1 mile,  Ekiden, mountainbike races, climbing mountains on a bicycle, triathlons, golfevents… I just love it when people participate in sporty challenges for individuals!!! Going to sportevents, cheering for your teams, inviting customers in business … Continue reading

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Rugby will be big in Brazil

Since the Rio 2016 Olympics announcement, Brazil started a campaign to promote other sports most unkown for Brazilians. Just like Rugby. Those broadcasted nationwide are quite funny. Thought it would be great to share them with you before the start … Continue reading

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José Mourinho

Danny shared a nice video of one of my heroes talking in a campaign for Braun. Thanks for the tip dude! “I open myself a lot to my people. Players they know me. They know me deeply. They know all … Continue reading

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Me playing golf in

If you want to read about me in Dutch, or just prefer to study my perfect golf swing (with awesome golf shoes): check out I’m on page 22-23. They also posted an online version. Thank you Karin Eeckhout for … Continue reading

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Isn’t it amazing that everybody still knows where they were (#911whereiwas) when the twin towers were hit? I deeply respect the way the Americans remember this devastating event, year after year. One minute of silence Needless to say the world … Continue reading

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