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A tap on the shoulder

Every leader knows that a tap on the shoulder is a crucial aspect to motivate the troops. But what makes a good and a bad tap? There’s a world of difference. A good tap, is one that comes from the … Continue reading

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Leaders and followers

Want to share this thing about leaders and followers with you. Are you a leader or a follower? Maybe I should post a poll on my blog. Have a Herculean Day!   Followers always have an excuse…Leaders always have an … Continue reading

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Is corporate experience an asset to…

…become an entrepreneur? 2 years after my move from the corporate to the entrepreneurial  world, I often get this question. I think that shouldn’t be the first question. I think it should be: can you become an entrepreneur, or are … Continue reading

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The Value of Being LinkedIn

Found this beautiful Infographic on the Value of Being LinkedIn on the blog of The Marketing Arm. Love it.

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