Awesome teams

You must know my personal mantra by now:

  1. Believe in your dream and Focus on the process of achieving it
  2. Work and nurture awesome Teams focussing on that dream
  3. Create a strong Network that helps you achieve your dream

That’s all there is to it. And this mantra goes for business and pleasure.

I was lucky to work in awesome and probably the worst teams ever during me career and life. I couldn’t agree more with how Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton describe the secret behind great teams:

  1. Wow: awesome teams commit to a standard of world-class performance
  2. No surprises: all members are accountable for openness and honest debate, and each knows what to expect from others
  3. Cheer: members support, recognise, appreciate, and cheer others on to victory.

The “only” thing a leader of the pack has to do is to:

  1. Have an eye for the talent that is needed in the team and find that talent
  2. Translate dreams to goals for everyone
  3. Facilitate rule setting by creating a collective code of conduct that works for that team
  4. Promote a culture of appreciation

It’s as easy as that!

Isn’t it weird that there are still executives out there who don’t see the value of great teams? Who don’t think of customers or suppliers as being part of the team? I probably think this is weird because I’m in the team-business every minute of the day. Maybe this Arabic version on Al Hurra TV of Hercules Trophy in the UAE helps to convince them:

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