The Orange Revolution

The Orange RevolutionHow come I only know about the book since yesterday? Must be losing my touch! Thank you Mall of The Emirates. Anyway: required reading for all people leaders! Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton did an exceptional job!

It’s Orange (a coincidence that the best intercompany team competition in the world is orange?)…it’s about the true driver of a thriving organisation’s exceptional success. Their research shows that breakthrough success is guided by a particular breed of high-performing teams that generate own momentum. An engaged group of colleagues in the trenches, working passionately together to pursue a shared vision.

Only 20 percent of teams are working anywhere near this optimal capacity. They base their statements on a groundbreaking 350,000 person study by The Best Companies Group.

It contains remarkable stories about teams and contains a powerful step-by-step guide to taking your team to the breakthrough level, igniting the passion and vision to bring about an Orange Revolution!

During the past 15 years I experienced the difference between bad, good and great teams. I relate to nearly everything they say. So read it, now, and make the world a better place through awesome teams!


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