Fight for every inch

Yes, the world is changing. Yes, I feel that dramatic change in every molecule of my body for 2 years now. Yes, I think that’s an opportunity. Yes, I want to help transform the world into a better place. Yes, Inge is probably even more passionate about that dream. Yes, I know there are people out there who feel the same. Yes, I’m 200% convinced that we can inspire some Hercules fans to transform the world with us. Yes, it’s the people who will change the world so let’s inspire them first. Yes, I think our fans will inspire and transform us and other people. Yes, great teams and networks will make a huge difference to succeed in this transformation. Yes, it will work.  Yes, it will take years for people to understand. Yes, life is a game of inches. Yes, we’ll have to fight for every inch. Yes, we don’t make any money on that. So? What are we waiting for? Want to join us?

You should understand my personal history to understand that my dream is a reaction against some “bad karma trends”:

  • Pure capitalism, short term thinking, taking without giving: there’s a lot of that out there and I deeply resent that.
  • The ego-world in which people only think with their selfish brains and forget they have a heart, a spirit, values, a purpose. Big egos must not be mistaken with great leaders. We need more leaders, less egos.
  • A world where people struggle with balance: they have lousy eating habits, don’t get enough exercise, hate their job, watch too much TV, can’t think for themselves, become narrow minded, cheat, juggle with crazy priorities, achieve nothing and become sick in body and mind.

I know what I’m talking about, because I was in all those bad places. I still get sick when I come across those situations.

So here it is: “I want to live in a world with more wellbeing for everyone.”

Inge and Yves want to gather fans, partners, sponsors, shareholders and employees all over the world to transform their lives into a better one, one inch at a time, just like Al Pacino in “Any Given Sunday”.

First inch: We started Hercules Trophy International cvba in September 2010. CVBA stands for “cooperative enterprise”, a social enterprise. We believe starting a CVBA is a great way to get into social entrepreneurship and get your social goals all the way into the boardroom. More about this in the future.

Second inch: We came up with Herculix. He’s a hero in life. He stands for values. He wants to be inspired by other heroes. He wants to inspire you. He wants to help us transform the world. We want to gather our fans and want to get to know them better through Herculix. Are you a hero? Do you share the same worldview? What are your values? Who are your heroes?

Third inch: In the near future, we want to start opening the wellbeing-conversation with our fans. Are you an ambassador for wellbeing? How can we increase our wellbeing together? Do you know of great examples? Best practices? Tips? Tricks? Cases? Success stories? We’ll give you an opportunity to share them with all the fans. Who knows what might happen?

It would be awesome to welcome 7,000 teams on Hercules Trophy’s on at least 5 continents by 2015. That’s our big hairy audacious goal. Imagine how much impact we could have on this world!

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