Sevens Heaven

Dear diary. 2 years ago, on a flight to South Africa, my adorable wife and businesspartner told me we should start Hercules Trophy in Dubai. Why? Because! We did the math and a few months later, we met with Hazel from Biz Group in Dubai and signed a deal to organise the first Hercules Trophy outside Europe in the UAE. And here we are promoting our awesome event all over the press, on Facebook, on the radio and on the famous Rugby Sevens! February 10th 2011 will be packed with corporate teams and that this is only the beginning!!!

Dear diary, we feel great in the UAE. It’s a region with a vision. Sure they have their issues. Haven’t we all? As 7Days describes it in sport terms: “The UAE is making a bold bid to become the sporting center of the world. From a few brave souls putting in tackles on sandy pitches back in the 70’s to a world-record crowd of 50.000.”

Dear diary, I know you thought we were dreaming. You are right: we were! But we were also executing, focussing, staying positive, believing we could achieve anything with the support of the Hercules fans and awesome partners. The worst economical crisis the world ever didn’t make it any easier. But we are still enjoying the process.

Dear diary, 2011 is going to be awesome! This is only the beginning of a lot of new dreams.

Before I forget: England was crowned Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens champions


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