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Achieving your childhood dreams

Have fun, never give up and always look for the good in others: those were the things that Randy Pausch, an American professor in Computer Sience, thought his students in “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” at Carnegy … Continue reading

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Fight for every inch

Yes, the world is changing. Yes, I feel that dramatic change in every molecule of my body for 2 years now. Yes, I think that’s an opportunity. Yes, I want to help transform the world into a better place. Yes, … Continue reading

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Zeitgeist: stay positive

Love the word Zeitgeist, says it all. The Year in Review of Google is always one to watch. Time to start making my own Zeitgeist. My own little SWOT. My own little lessons learned. Hope you do the same. I … Continue reading

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Sevens Heaven

Dear diary. 2 years ago, on a flight to South Africa, my adorable wife and businesspartner told me we should start Hercules Trophy in Dubai. Why? Because! We did the math and a few months later, we met with Hazel … Continue reading

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