East meets West

Found some time to blog a little. The past months were similar to the months before: extremely tough but very very exciting. It’s been ages since I took a day of holiday, but I deeply enjoy the process of start-ups and get tons of energy from it. We’ve got the best team in the world, the most loyal fans and an awesome concept. It’s only a matter of time before we organise the biggest Networked Teambuilding Competition in the world. Dreaming of 6000 teams per year in 2015! A first World Trophy in 2013 in Dubai would be nice too! If you can sell something in Belgium, you can sell it anywhere in the world 🙂

Travelled a lot. Dubai, Dubai, New York, Dubai again. Feels like I was awake 24 hours a day. Only met with positive people who believe in our dream.

Dubai is doing great for their first Trophy on February 10th. Lots of media coverage and 50 teams already. I strongly believe in our partnerships with BBG, SABCO, FitnessFirst and The Sevens.

This week we launched Hercules Trophy France in Montpellier. May 14th is D-Day!

Looks like the first Trophy in New York will be within 18 months from now. We found the perfect spot in Manhattan!

Receiving good vibes from South Africa and the Far East. Hoping to hold the first Trophies there end of 2011.

Last week I enjoyed the Celebration of Entrepreneurship in Dubai. Only had half a day because of a full press-program, but I really enjoyed it. The Middle East is the place to be! Some quotes I would like to share with you:On September 10th we did the first Hercules Trophy in The Netherlands. Great start! After the event customers even formed a group of “advocates” because they loved it so much. Too bad some teams declined last minute, but Irene, our girl in Holland, wants to be bigger than Belgium in 3 years from now! I’m sure she will be. The next one is set for May 28th 2011.

  • if you plan for everything, you won’t be lucky
  • focus on the process, not the goal
  • if you want to work with people, make sure you have a Worldview-match
  • skipping from your values is not worth it

And while I’m quoting, one of my favorites lately: never argue with a fool, people might think you are one.

O yes, in the meanwhile we started a cooperative company around Hercules Trophy International! I’m really excited about that one. More news later.

Take a look at the video below. I was deeply touched by a lady who presented it at Celebration of Entrepreneurship.

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