Awesome book: Reality Check

A 6 hour TGV to Montpellier – and back – with Guy Kawasaki’s Reality Check in my ear. Thanks for the awesome gift you biggest love of my life you. Nice intro from Fake Steve Jobs by the way.

This book focuses only on start-ups (love the speed button for faster narration) and I must say it contains great stuff. I recommend this book to everybody who wants to start a business. I ran a few startups as Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur and I relate to 99% of the things Guy states. I’m not saying this “because it’s Guy” but because I experienced most of his stories and pitfalls personally.

To get you in the mood, I selected some things to tickle you.


  • somebody invents something great in his garage
  • he immediatly finds investors
  • and tons of customers
  • always makes a profit
  • is succesfully introduced on the stock exchange
  • and keeps on innovating for the rest of its life

“Not knowing you are doing something impossible helps”. Success takes crazy passionate people who think they can change the world.

Note to myself: have to read more about The Banality of Heroism.

Also like his chapter on the top 10 for entrepreneurs who think they would like to run a startup. “If running a startup were easy, more people would do it. Things that scare you make you stronger! The best way to build cohesiveness is to suffer.”

“Intrapreneurs don’t have it better, they have it different.” Kill the cashcows and use them for the new calves. Mmm should have used this statement more @ Belgacom 🙂

But there’s so much more interesting stories in there about mantra’s, VC’s, business angels, pitching, lies, bootstrapping, intrapreneurship, boardmeetings, innovation, lawyers etc.

Just enjoy it and let me know your thoughts.

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