Some clues to happiness

In my last blog I talked about Less being More. Received lots of feedback of people asking me about my own clues to happiness. Well here they are.

  • It’s not only about IQ. IQ helps you think in an abstract way, which is good to help you understand that “nothing is personal” and “the more you know, the more you know you don’t know anything”.
  • It’s not only about EQ and MBTI and Eneagrams and whatever. These theories try to put people in a few boxes. Good to understand the basics and possible conflicts and synergies, but that’s all. Also good to understand how the human brain works. However, people react differently under different circumstances. Someone who just lost a child or is in the middle of a divorce, is not likely to react the same as somebody who has less worries.
  • I believe it’s about SQ (S=spiritual). And I don’t just mean horoscopes (eventhough some of them are really amazing). Because some people associate Spiritual with “Religion” and some people call themselves “Scientific”, I sometimes refer to Energy, Resonance, Newton’s laws, Einstein’s Mass-energy equivalence and, why not, chaos theory.

Ask yourself this: why do I immediatly connect with some people and not with others, why do I get sick, how come you feel things without talking to people, how come you feel things about people eventhough they are miles away, how come you feel great in a big group or in a team, how come I don’t dare to be different, how come you feel great when you worked in the garden, went for a walk or did some sports etc

Figure it out for yourself (I’m still trying to figure it out every day), but here are some things to think about (in a spiritual or a “scientific” way, doesn’t matter):

  • Every object is energy (or mass). Sometimes large, sometimes small. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative.
  • Every reaction with a force -F is caused by an action with a force F. This is how the systeem keeps balance.
  • Every object has a specific frequency.
  • Objects influence each other. Whatever the distance.
  • This process can not be controlled. You can just be aware of it.
  • At certain frequencies, objects can oscilate at large amplitude. This is called resonance.
  • There are phenomena such as optical, mechanical, electrical and acoustic resonance and -why not- “spiritual” resonance
  • And now it comes: “Resonance = creating state of happiness”.
  • IQ&EQ&SQ ~ EGO (but I will talk about that next time)
  • You can work on Balance be being aware of the effects of IQ, EQ and SQ on EGO.

Interesting authors: Paulo Coelho, Eckhart Tolle, Janosh, Lora Byrne, Newton, Einstein… You could also read a Dutch magazine called Happinez.

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