Less is more

Let me start by wishing you and your family a well balanced 2010. Instead of wishing you more of everything I want to wish you a lot less of more.

The disease of the economy is also the disease of many of us: more more more. I was there too one day. Some examples of what I wish you:

  • less negative stress, more sports and fun
  • less global warming, more conscious living
  • less extreme bonusses and profits, more real ethics, more values
  • less focus on bad or insignificant news in the media and less reality TV, more positive and international news
  • less short term and ego-centric thinking, more teamwork, vision and passion
  • less gossip and extremism, more open minds and travel
  • less fears, more initiatives, more intrinsic motivation, more Darma, more heroes
  • less talking and excuses, more acting

This is not a negative message, it’s a positive one. Let me know what you want to do about it. Maybe we can join forces? I’m still learning every day, and I hope to do so until I’m old.

2 years ago, I started blogging and social networking. Nearly one year ago, I experienced a triggering event that changed my life drastically. Since then, it has been the most exciting year of my life and I will never go back to the dark ages (especially 2008) again. I met truly great people and had loads of fun with my family. I stopped my daytime job and focus on my dream: improving teams and business networks in the whole world. Because I believe that strong teams and networks can really change the world. We are now active in Spain, France, Dubai, South Africa, Belgium and I hope to announce The Netherlands, Hong Kong and other countries shortly. I can only advice everybody to follow your heart, but everyone has to figure it out for themselves. “It requires courage to do what you want, not to do what you don’t want.”

One thing I notice is that more and more people explain me all their dreams they are not achieving or haven’t achieved because of whatever excuse. The only thing I try to do (it’s really not easy not to judge them) is ask them for every statement: “Is that so?” The answer has to come from within yourself, not from me. If you are in the process of real change: let’s sit down over plenty of bottles of wine and listen to each other for hours! There are many hurdles you have to take and it’s great to share those experiences. If you are just fooling yourself or just want to sound “changed” because you think that’s cool: “Don’t waste my f$%king time!!!”

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  1. Thanks for this carefully chosen words! When do we discuss our dreams over a good glass of wine than? :-OI’ll wish you an as good year as the last one, for you and your family*** With love K@

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