“Impossible” dreams

Two fabulous weeks behind me. Worked pretty hard without any negative stress. Completely deconnected from narrowminded Belgian politics and people who warn me for all the dangers in the world and everything that is “impossible”.

South Africa was fabulous. I have tons of faith in our local Hercules partner: The Dream Team. Had some interesting customer visits. The next months will be intense but I am convinced we can organise the first Trophy in December 2009. Helderfonteyn is ready for us!

During the Virgin flights I swallowed a book of Richard Branson, hoping I would get an upgrade to first class 🙂 Wasn’t hoping for such an inspiring book. Screw it, let’s do it again! I couldn’t agree more with his 14 rules. Here they are, but please read the book: Just do it, Have fun, Be Bold, Challenge Yourself, Stand on your own feet, Live the moment, Value Family & Friends, Have respect, Gaia Capitalism, Sex Appeal, Be innovative, Do some good, Pow! Shazan!, Think Young.

My new Moleskine has become my loyal companion during these trips.

Dubai was even more exciting! Biz Events, market leader in Dubai and partner of Hercules Trophy, has a fantastic team of professionals. Couldn’t agree more with the view of Hazel on teambuilding. I’m sure the first Trophy in March will be a tremendous success. The first customers have already confirmed,some media players are looking at the options and Jebel Ali Hotel is probably the best Hercules venue ever!

I’m reading “Playing The Enemy” now. It’s about Nelson Mandela and his conquest of the hearts of white South Africa. He used sports (Worldcup Rugby) to mobilise mass emotions and shape political perceptions. A nice one I don’t want to spare you:

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, the power to unite people that little else can…It is more powerfull than governments in breaking down racial barriers.”

In the meanwhile I read the new book from Innocent. Great stuff! Was so lucky I could meet one of the founders once. If you are starting up a business or think about it: read it and believe everything they say (I know the feeling :-))

In Belgium, I’ve planned several meetings with large customers and partners for 2010. Exciting! Happy to hear that everybody is so happy about the Trophies of 2009. Gives me lots of energy.

France, The Netherlands and Spain are next on the agenda and I’ve set my eyes on three new countries. World Trophy here we come!

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