Those were the days in Portugal


4 weeks of Trophies in Belgium and Spain. Did we need a break? Not like we needed it the past years. No negative stress provided by external sources and fools. Everything and everyone in balance. A free spirit to enjoy the moment and fantasize about all the exciting times ahead of us. Plenty of time to make plans for the future.

Ideal ingredients:

  • my lovely wife, the kids, some freaky sisters in law, a cool brother in law and some more kids
  • a great location in Portugal, sea, sun, pool, a good Intermarché with tons of healthy stuff, some new recipes, great bakery
  • all kinds of books brought by everyone: Blue Ocean, Enneagrams, Franchising stuff, Socrates, Kay Pollak, Geert Noels, Guillaume, …
  • our total CD collection on a harddrive, iTunes and a connected JBL with nice bass vibes
  • my notebook (not the digital thing) and one pencil
  • laptop with vodafone to stay in touch with some good people
  • dolphins

Here’s some food for thought for my next weeks:

  • Game, Name, Fame & Claim
  • Brand Modesty: inability to cope with success
  • BRIC countries are the way to go, Dubai is there to become the Geneva of the Middle East, South Africa will do great and the Club Med Countries will regain their competitive edge
  • I’m a type 8 and my wife’s a 4: now that’s a surprise 🙂
  • Holy encounters, harmony, resonance, euphoric moments, become one, brotherhood of people, I wonder if you can, timing is crucial
  • Need some more Socrates, because I forgot about him over the years
  • Make people proud of their choices
  • Remind me to watch “As it is in heaven”
  • Have to check out when I’m back
  • Local services don’t offer enough added value
  • What makes a real hero
  • Have to visit in real this year

Ready for RSA, Dubai, France, The Netherlands and Madrid the coming weeks. Love my live.

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