Sanity check

Sanity check after 6 months of “full-focus-on-Trophy”.

Typical conversation with former colleagues and friends:
So you are only doing the Trophy now???” (with lots of compassion in their eyes)
Yep” (with a smile)
But you have other new things/startups in your mind right?
Eum, only for the Trophy
But But But is that enough for you?” (trying to give me a compliment about some skills I suppose to have but totally missing the point)
Why not?

Next Saturday, we organise the ICT Trophy in Belgium. To avoid these kind of conversations (not that I don’t like talking to former colleagues, I love you all guys, let’s just have a beer):

* Thank you, but I’m very happy because I do the things I did before, but now for my own healthy business
* Hercules Trophy only has delighted customers (we call them fans) and partners coming back nearly every year, even in times of crisis
* Tons of customer visits at big companies in the market
* We don’t sell a product, but a true experience
* We swim in a blue ocean
* Innovation is the middle name of Hercules, so I’m having a blast especially with all the new input coming from other countries
* No more heart problems since my decision, no more negative stress
* Working day and night with my fantastic and o so bright wife and great partners in different countries (Belgium, Spain, Dubai, South Africa and many more to come)
* No more traffic jams
* Can spend lots of time with the kids and they can travel to great places
* Using all the things I learned: sales, operations, general management, international development, investor relations etc

“So…come again with your question? O…you probably mean you think you have more certainty with a regular job right?”

Well I like to take my future in my own hands and I don’t want to live in a fake world of security.

Is it tough? Of course it is. So?????? Nothing is sure in live. Deal with it.

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