Les misérables: I dream the dream

“Weird times. Things will never be like before. The world is changing. We reached the bottom. The worst has yet to come. There are no certainties anymore.” And all this happened in only three months time.

Very difficult for people who were used to sit back, relax and complain. Great times for others (me for example 🙂

When I came back from Madrid I was reading the “most read paper in Belgium”. Only bad news and big words for small facts. Let’s scare everybody!!! The press has a huge responsability in this crisis. Change your tone of voice guys. Talk about all the opportunities and all the good things that are happening! Negativity creates negativity. Don’t look for the causes, those are in the past (and I think we are all part of the cause), look for solutions.

A few things that I do when I had a bad day:

* go home and play with the kids
* show my wife I love her very much
* call my family and ask how they are doing
* walk and work in the garden
* do some sports
* call some soulmates (the real ones) and share ideas
* drink champagne (or Cava if I’m out of money)
* listen to great music
* watch TF1 news
* watch a funny movie

And then…I make a new plan for the future, possibly totaly different from the plan of 1 day ago. So what???? Next day: execute!!!

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