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I recently bumped into a very interesting blog on “10 ways entrepreneurs think differently”. I could relate very much to every single point! Jason Demers nailed it with this one! He is founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, a Seattle-based SEO agency. He also started Crackerize.com, a lyrics-humor website. He’s the author of the ebook, “The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Business Online.”

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of people. While some people sit and fantasize about the glamor of being their own boss and creating their own business, those in the thick of business ownership understand that even considering all its rewards, entrepreneurship is a difficult and complicated path.

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs aren’t the ones who impulsively quit their jobs to chase a get-rich-quick idea. They are the ones with an entrepreneurial mindset — a set of perspectives and values that allow them to achieve greatness.

These 10 perspectives are differentiators you’ll need to have or develop if you’re going to be a successful business owner.

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4 steps to getting what you want

Originally posted on Herculean:

The Herculean Mantra is “Dream-Team-Focus-Network”. We found this lovely article that elaborates more in FOCUS.


Is there something you want so badly that it hurts? Is there a secret goal that you have? Do you wish there was a way to get what you want?

If you answered “yes,” then remember these four tips to make your dreams a reality.

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The new habit challenge: work the exact amount of time science tells us to

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It turns out going hard for eight hours straight every day isn’t the best way to get work done.

Contrary to the popular convention of working ourselves to exhaustion, researchers from the University of Toronto found that taking regular breaks actually makes you more productive. This is because, according to the study’s co-author John Trougakos, once our physical energy is depleted, so too is our pool of psychological energy. Essentially, if we’re working ourselves to the point of physical exhaustion, we’re not going to get superior work performance and focus in return.

Read all about it on Fast Company.

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5 things smart leaders do to empower employees


Great post about trust and empowerment.

Originally posted on Herculean:

We bumped into a nice post on Inc.com from Minda Zetlin. Minda Zetlin is a business technology writer and speaker, co-author of The Geek Gap, and president of the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

How much does it matter to have engaged, empowered, enthusiastic employees? It can make the difference between success and failure, says Hossein Kash Razzaghi, founder of Fancred, a social network platform for sports fans used by such brands as Mashable and ESPN.

“It’s not about people who are good at what they do, but people I trust,” he says. “I have the vision, but it’s up to them to buy in and become a successful company. Trust comes into play when individual team members believe in that challenge and put their skills to use to meet it.”

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Hercules Academy

As fans kept on asking to help them improve corporate wellbeing the whole year long, we started looking for solutions. We discovered that the Corporate Wellbeing market is very fragmented with specialists only focussing on certain aspects of wellbeing. Some focus on body, others on mind, some on nutrition and some on social aspects, but nobody on the big picture.

So we decided to create our own holistic approach, based on the experience of true Olympians. Former Olympian Serge Haubourdin joined the club to become managing partner of the Hercules Academy. We tested the approach on a few major fans and on our own team. And it works! Find our brochure here and let me know if you want us to help you reach your Corporate Wellbeing targets for 2015.

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CEO Mission to NYC

After an amazing trip with CEO’s to Dubai, we do it again! This time to New York. Cost is low, programme is amazing, spots are limited, so don’t wait too long. Hope to see you there! Here’s all the info you need.

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Why You Should Take Your Work Outdoors

Couldn’t agree more with the post of Lisa Evans. At Herculean we take our work outdoors all the time. Try it, it helps. Here’s an extract of her post:

Do you feel stifled by the four walls of your office or cubicle?

There’s a reason for that.

Trapping ourselves indoors has created what health experts call a “nature deficit disorder” — depression or anxiety resulting from too little time spend outside. Getting outdoors can do great things for your health. Reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving immune function are among nature’s health benefits. What’s more, incorporating elements of nature into your workday can also give your brain a boost, resulting in increased productivity, focus and creativity.

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